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Cricket News: Rinku Singh on journey from Aligarh to the Indian team

Rinku Singh, 25, of Aligarh, is gearing up to showcase his skills for India during the next tour of Ireland and the Asian Games in Hangzhou after an outstanding performance in IPL 2023 in which he slammed five sixes in an over for Kolkata Knight Riders.

Rinku stated after his selection that his primary responsibility is to score runs, and if given the opportunity, he will endeavour to perform and work hard.

"I don't overthink. I like to live in the present. Hope Almighty keeps blessing me. Working hard is in my hands, and I will do that and see what happens,"

Rinku Singh was quoted as saying by NDTV Sports.

Expressing immense happiness, Rinku mentioned,

"Obviously, my parents, brothers, and my childhood coach, Masood Amini, everyone is thrilled. This has been a collective dream."

Rinku's father used to distribute LPG cylinders to households and hotels when he was a teenager, which established the groundwork for his cricketing career.

The Aligarh-born cricketer is now able to support his family thanks to his performance in the IPL season and several first-class matches.

Despite urging his father to lead a more relaxed life, Rinku's advice goes unheeded.

"I told Papa that he can relax now, but he still enjoys his job of hawking cylinders. I understand his perspective as well. After working his entire life, it's difficult to ask him to stop unless he desires to do so,"

said Rinku.

After overcoming adversity, Rinku developed a strong sense of empathy and a desire to give back to society, knowing that cricket has already won him prominence. In Aligarh, where he initially played the game, he is currently constructing a modest hostel near to the ground.

"I am overseeing the construction of the hostel, and since the cricket ground is nearby, it will be convenient for the kids. One of my elder brothers suggested planning something for these kids, and that's when we decided to build a hostel,"
explained Rinku.

Rinku argues that every individual has a unique method when challenged about introducing a 360-degree range of shots into his game, like Suryakumar Yadav does.

"My style of the play revolves around the straight arc, and my coaches have always emphasized that my strength lies in playing within the 'V',"

he elaborated.

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  • Released : 03-Aug-2023


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