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Is this the last show of Talking Turkey....Why?

The show has generated 97 million views over the past 1 year, just crossing 50 episodes. Different rumours are spreading around about the future of the show. There have been attempts to file defamation cases against the show. Is this one of the reasons to go slow? No confirmation on the same....The shows definetely give Kanthi little time to focus on anything else, as each show is intellectually taxing and requires good research and analysis. This also, seems a plausible reason for a break in the show. With Power Sportz being the only channel besides the official host broadcaster, to be live for 8 hours everyday, on all the days of the World cup, it seems like a more concrete reason, why the show is taking a break. While what is announced publically is sometimes different from reality, listen in to what Kanthi herself has to stay and take a call on how convinved you want to be!!! Dont miss 'Talking Turkey with Kanthi'!!!...hope its not the last one!!!


  • Released : 24-May-2019


  • Talking Turkey with Kanthi, Talking Turkey