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Match 9 – GPCL: Indian Sapphires puts up a huge total to defend against Scottish Mulberries

In match no. 9 Indian Sapphires locked horns with Scottish Mulberries. The Indian's won the toss and elected to bat first on what looked like a high scoring pitch. Soon their decision turned out to be correct.
The Sapphires were off to a flying start, scoring 38 in the first 3 overs of the Powerplay. They continued in that pace and could have broken the Powerplay record. But the Sapphires fall short by just 6 runs to break the highest runs in the Powerplay record. After 6 it was 72 for 1.
While Gaurav, who had lost his partner continued to strike the ball at the other end. He completed his half century in just 26 deliveries. Indian Sapphires were smashing runs all around the ground reaching 100 in just 8 overs.
Gaurav and Dinesh were building a strong partnership scoring 59 off just 33 balls as after 10 overs it was 119 for 1 for the Indian Sapphires. The Mulberries were unable to put a stop on the scoring rate. After Gaurav's departure Dinesh continued the power hitting.
The Sapphires looked unstoppable and thus were able to reach tremendous score of 227 runs.

The chase will be on shortly.


  • Released : 06-Oct-2022


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